The Revival
1988 - A message from the past...
The families of Edmond and Willum had prospered, living in Wiltshire had meant instant acceptance into the middle classes and prosperous living. As the decades went on, Edmond, sensing death wrote down the rules and regulations of the game, refining it into a more futuristic form. He buried the instructions in a can of baked beans in the attic of his house, ready for his future relatives to discover.

It was 1988, and the boys Edward and William Hall were digging around in their attic (in a scene very much like the one from the hit movie 'The Goonies'), when they stumbled upon a old can of baked beans. William ate the beans, and had to wait 4 excruciating days in hospital before the obstruction to his colon could be cleared. The doctors removed a piece of lead pipe 6 inches long, containing the scrawls of a man claiming to be the boys' great great great grandfather. They took it home, left it in the toy-cupboard, and went to school (Ed being 8, and Will being only 4 and a half).
The Goonies discover One Eyed Willy's treasure map...very much like the boys' discovery of Cricball
William and Edward go back to school
2001 - The End of the Decree
The boys were now gargantuan in size, their lives heading towards a downward spiral of employment and university. One day however, the doorbell rang, and William went to answer. Alas! It was Steve Guttenberg, Chevy Chase and Tom Sellek, all come to visit. They knew the whereabouts of the rules, and had come to buy them. Queen Victoria's ban on Cricball had ended, and they were looking to revive their lives after the demise of their 80s acting abilities. After a quick squirmishThey gave Edward and William all the cash that they had earned in the 80s, plus enough booze to get them through the next week or so, and left the house triumphantly, with a still soiled set of instructions and grins on their faces.
"Boys, I want those! I'll bust your chops!"
Will and Ted bust Chevy Chase's Chops
...and exchange the rules for booze! Hoorah!