Match Day Plus
28th July 2002 - The Cricball Association vs The SuperMacs, Pilton, Somerset, UK
The Cricball Association - Will and Ed Hall, ready to show their steely nerve and vast array of insults.
The SuperMacs, unexperienced, but vicious players without remorse
The match started in good spirits, with all involved relieved at the return of this most beautiful of games. Both teams lined up for the traditional pre-match photos, and made their way to the Pilton Paladium - home of Somerset Cricball. The Cricball Assocaition won the toss, and elected to shoot first, with Will starting in boistrous mood, scoring twice from the one line, and then from the 2, to bring his score to 4 runs. However, disaster then struck for the young lad, when angered by psyche-out from Richard Fraser-Mackenzie ('You swing both ways, Hall!'), he booted his shot straight at Pete Fraser-Mackenzie, hitting his throat, and bouncing away to safety. Hall out for 4.Up stepped Edji Hall, who converted twice from the one line, but then ballooned over from the 2. End of the first innings - Cricball Association  6 runs. Oh dear.

Edji Hall positioned himself in goal for the Cricball Association, whilst Willi summoned his psyche-out prowess. Pete FM converted from the 1 line, despites calls of 'East my Poo Petey!' from Willi. Then, disaster, as Willi shout of 'Honey!' left Pete totally bamboozled, hitting his shot straight at Edji. 1 Down. Richie took to the 1 line with the air of a man who expects to win. Yet calls of 'Mole!' from Willi were enough to make his shot dribble wide. SuperMacs - all out for 1.

Final 1st innings score - CA 6 - SM 1
Edji calls his agent during the Tea Break
The second innings started with a tremendous shot from Willi, which split the goal assunder. Pete could do nothing to stop it. However, before stepping up to take his second shot, Richie remarked 'You have a large bottom' to Willi. He balooned his shot over the bar, and into the road. Enraged at the cutting remark, Willi had to be restrained by his team-mate and brother Edji, from destroying Richi all together. Dreadful scenes brought the game to a temporary halt. A full enquiry will be launched by the disciplinary panel.
Disgraceful scenes in Pilton
After a free nipple twist administered by Richi on Will, all was forgotten, and the game continued. Edji stepped up, and scored a quick-fire 4, before seeing his attempt saved by Pete 'The Cat' in goal. The Cricball Association Final Total Score = 11 runs.
It was now the turn of the SuperMacs to administer some punishment of their own. But with Willi in punishing psyche-out mood, there was little they could do. Pete took his two chances from the 1 run line, and moved back to the 2 run. A shout of 'Naughty Pete eats the Honey Monster's poo' quickly laid ruin to any hope of a comeback. His shot was saved by Edji, and Pete was out for the second and last time in this contest.
Pete, always philosophical in defeat, realises that through the anger and resentment to the Cricball Association, Willi had administered the psyche-out of the day.
Richi FM, although a good psyche-out specialist, has never really been an accomplished striker of the ball. Although his first effort burst the back of the net, his second attempt was saved splendidly by Edji. The Cricball Association had won a poor game, and won the smoky bacon crisps cup. Congratulations.
Cricball Association 11 - SuperMacs 4
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