Facts and Figures
Highest runs scored: 423 - Backstreet Boys; vs Cyndi Lauper's XV, Los Angeles, 2023

Lowest Runs total: 1 - Cyndi Lauper's XV  vs London Lepers, Newport, 2011

Highest individual score: 142 - Sir Clive Anderson  vs New York, New York, Miami 2014

Most Career Psyche-outs: 7,453 Paul Daniels

Most Psyche-outs in 1 game: 18 Cilla Black (well she was having her woman's period)  Liverpool, 2005

Highest Gate Recorded: 234,867 LA Cockfighters vs The London Lepers,  Matlock, Tea Cup Final 2031

Most Career Sendings Off: Noel Edmonds, 291

Biggest Career Fine: Noel Edmonds 10,000,000,000 (instructed to pay off Third World Debt)

Biggest Transfer Fee: Mathew Lorenzo, Sky to LA Cockfighters 80,000,000,000 and a packet of pork scratchings.

Highest Wage Received: Rory McGrath, 1.2 Million/week - Bearded Twats VII (run by Ken Bates) - used to supplement the purchasing of endless boxes of Kleenex.
Backstreet Boys - Glorious
Cyndi Lauper - ashamed
234,867 people at the Tea Cup Final
Mathew Lorenzo - Rich
Rory McGrath - Cricballer and Celebrity Model